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Hydraulic Hammer Marine Piledrivers and Pile Driving Equipment Driver

Our hydraulic hammers are also available for sale separately.

Auger Barge Pile Driving Equipment Driver

We have an auger system and jetting system available on our pile driver units. We also manufacture heavy duty auger barges for drilling through rock and clay.


BW Pile Drivers Equipment Driving

As the manufacturer of these unique hydraulic marine pile driving barges and hydraulic piledriving hammers, BW Pile Drivers can custom build a pile driver to your specifications with many options available. We take pride in knowing that our piledriving equipment is designed and built by professionals. The BW Pile Drivers staff has decades of pile driver construction knowledge including techniques to save you time and money.

Speak with a pile driver professional who knows how and why this pile driving equipment works so well, saving your company time and money. You'll get straight-forward answers to your marine pile driving construction questions. We also offer training if needed.

The BW Pile Drivers barge has a hydraulic hammer, movable leads, hydraulic spuds and an electric start engine for the hydraulics which is very fuel efficient and dependable.

Easy to Transport Marine Piledriver Barge and Auger Barges Pile Driver

Your bottom line is what counts:

By placing the BW Pile Drivers barge parallel to the shoreline, you have the capability to drive several piling in line for stringers with one movement. The leads with hydraulic hammer will travel from the front of the barge to the center, a distance of approximately 18 ft. With our pile drivers you can drive your outside piling on one side of the deck then without moving the barge, slide the tower back and drive the second piling. All of this is accomplished without having to move your barge. The stringers can then be bolted on before moving the barge.

The unique 18 ft. "pocket" will give you piling and stringers which are square and a stable surface to work on.

The benefits of our Pile Drivers?

When using a crane with leads and hammer or an excavator, you would constantly have to pull your tape to keep the piling square and in position. There is nothing comparable to our pile driving equipment.

See our products page for more details.

Piledriver Marine Work Barges Driver

Click on the link below to play a demonstration video of one of our BW Pile Drivers pile driving barges at work.

Pile Driver Work Barges Pushboats
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